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5.1    Corporal punishment is totally banned in the school as per the directives of the Ministry of Education.

5.2              The Human Resources Management Committee will consist of the Principal, Vice Principal, Staff Secretary, Appointed teachers and Class Teacher concerned.

5.3              Class teachers are responsible and accountable for maintaining and supervising the discipline of their students and are to ensure that the students comply with the school’s rules and regulations

5.4              All the other teaching and support staff are also equally responsible for maintaining and supervising the students’ discipline and see that the school’s rules and regulation are complied with. 

5.5              It is the responsibility of any school staff and captains to report to the school authority of any disciplinary problems or violation of the school’s rules and regulation committed by students within campus or outside the school especially drinking, smoking and drug abuse.

5.6              The disciplinary problems which cannot be resolved within the capacity of class teachers, concerned subject teachers, will be brought to the School Human Resource Committee.

5.7              School Human Resource Committee will call upon the parents/guardians to inform them of the defaulter’s problem and will be asked to submit written statements for improvement.  Depending on the degree of the offence committed, the committee will render the sanction(s) as specified in the policy document..

5.8              The written statements will be filed in school discipline file and a copy in the student concerned personal file.

5.9              The Transfer and Character certificates will be issued mainly based on the concerned class teacher’s genuine evaluation / assessment and with reference to the student’s personal file and evidence compiled in Student Diary after which it needs to be submitted to TC committee formed by the school.  All TCs issued will only be signed by the Principal unless the responsibility is delegated to Vice Principal.



The school rules and regulations for students are categorized into six different parts and is in line to the character certificate of the students as reflected in the school diary.

5.2.1.   Punctuality: A student must                   reach school in time.              be punctual for all lessons unless otherwise permitted by concerned authority.              not leave the classroom during the lesson without obtaining permission.              not loiter in places out of school campus during school hours.              attend all school activities (morning work, assembly, games, house competitions,
                  prayers etc.)              participate in all programme of national importance like national day, His
                  Majesty’s Birthday. etc.              have a minimum of 90% attendance unless otherwise on genuine reasons.              not leave the school compound during the school hours including recess and   
                  break without prior approval of the teacher.              not be absent without a valid reason.                      not visit school canteen during class hours.

5.2.2        Dress Code
I) General: A student must                 come to school in uniform all the time.                 keep their finger nails short and unvarnished.                 not wear colored contact lenses.                 come in proper attire for games.

II) A Girl student                                is allowed to keep her hair length up to shoulder blade and should be tied neatly at the back.                                must have a decent hair style if kept shorter than specified length.                                   is not allowed to dye her hair except black.                           must use white hair band to tie her hair.                          is allowed to use only two numbers of black hair clips to hold her hair.                      must not wear expensive/fancy jewellery, ornaments or any other accessories.                      is allowed to wear the same pair of plain earring stuck at the ear lobes.                      must not use make-up or any other cosmetics.                      is not allowed to wear half kira.                      must wear black leather shoes.                      must wear black socks.

III) A Boy student                      must keep his hair short and tidy without dying except black.                      must not wear any kind of accessories such as hand bands, rings etc.                      must wear decent laced black leather shoes without fancy design                      must wear black stockings.

5.2.3         Civic Sense: A student must                          have their study materials ready before the start of the lesson.                          take care of school property (building, classroom things, toilet, etc)                          switch off the lights and fans when not required.                          close the water tap after use.                          maintain health book and school diary.                          not trespass in the restricted area.                          not read obscene literature.                          take initiative in keeping the school and classroom clean.                          carry packed lunch every day.                      be in proper dress code in places where a National flag is hoisted.                      seek permission before entering the offices, staff rooms, library and laboratories.                      enter and exit through the designated gates.                      must practice waste management as per the waste management policy.                      avoid graffiti.                      use proper and designated toilets.                      Not bring electronic gadgets and musical instruments, sports equipment unless
5.2.4        Social Behavior: A Student must refrain from                       drinking alcohol at all times                       chewing doma, supari, wiz, rajniganda                       use of tobacco and its products.                       use of drugs                       shop lifting.                       fights and gang formation.                       vandalism of public and private properties                          being hooligans                          gambling.                      unhealthy relationships                      marriage and pregnancy.                      being defiance to authorities including captains.                      going near the river and swimming.                      improper use of social media.                      possession of weapons.                      assisting and indulging in molestation and rape
5.2.5        Honesty and Integrity: A student must                          write their homework on their own unless otherwise advised.                          not lie to their friends, captains or teachers.                          not deceive anybody.                          not steal other’s personal belongings.                          not steal school property.                          must not cheat during test and examinations.                          not steal question papers and other confidential documents.                          not forge documents and signature.                          not plagiarize assignments.                      not plagiarize creative works.                      not misuse public money collected for class or school.                      not impersonate.                      represent school in all activities.
5.2.6        Respect for others: A student must              not bully other students.                          not fight with another student.                          not defiant teacher.                          not use vulgar and abusive language.                          not jeer at others in any sporting event.                          not defame others.                          respect other’s point of view.                          not quarrel with others.                          clear dues on time.                      not eve-tease others.                      address others by proper title.                      speak politely and gently.                      respect individual differences.                      be hospitable to visitors.                      treat other gender with decency.                      respect other’s religion and race.

5.3       Cataloging of Offences:

5.3.1        First Degree Offences                          Coming late to school.                          Leaving the lessons without permission.                          Absent from school activities.                          Leaving school campus without permission.                          Absent without valid reason.                          Leaving the school campus during lunch break/recess.                          Visiting school canteen during class hours.                          Improper dress code (including hair styles, shoes, makeup etc.)             Without study materials.                      Keeping fans and lights on when not required.                      Not maintaining health book and school diary.                      Littering.                      Improper dress in places where National flag is hoisted.                      Entering the offices without permission.                      Minor graffiti.                      Using other’s toilet.                      Not doing homework.                      Disrespecting other’s view.                      Quarreling with others.                      Not clearing the dues.                      Name calling.                      Being harsh to others.                      Disregarding visitors.                      Chewing doma, supari, wiz, rajniganda                      Possessing electronic gadgets and musical instruments, sports equipment without
valid reason.                      Jeering at others during sporting events.                      Eve teasing.
5.3.2        Second Degree Offences                          Found loitering outside school campus during class hours without permission.                          Intentionally missing National events like HM’s Birth Day, National Day etc.                          Destruction of school properties.                          Reading obscene literature.                          Breaking through the fences.                          Obscene graffiti.                          Deceptions.                          Malpractice during test and examination.                          Misuse of class collection and other collection.                      Bullying others.                      Fighting with others.                      Using vulgar and abusive language.                      Hooliganism                      Defamation.                      Being gender insensitive.                      Being racial insensitive.                      Being religiously insensitive.                      Use of tobacco and its product.                      Gambling.                      Unhealthy relationship                      Defiant Captains.                      Swimming in the river.                      Representing other party against school unless authorized.
5.3.3        Third  Degree Offences                          Not achieving 90% attendance during the academic year.                          Trespassing into the restricted area.                          Plagiarism of assignments and creative works.                          Theft of private belongings.                          Theft of public properties.                          Theft of question papers and other confidential documents.                          Forgery of signature and documents.                          Impersonating.                          Defiant staff and school authority.                      Consumption of alcohol.                      Smoking marijuana and consumption of any types of controlled substances.                      Shoplifting.                      Gang fight.                      Vandalism of private and public property.                      Pregnancy and marriage.                      Misuse of social media.                      Rape and involvement in rape.                      Murder, intention to murder, and involvement in murder.                      Possession of weapons.                      Sexual harassment.
5.4                          Subsequent sanctions for the offences as admitted above.
(Concerned teacher may sanction one or more of the following depending on the    nature of the offence committed)

5.4.1        First Degree                 The concerned teacher/staff shall take correctional action at their level.                 Ask for written statement if deemed necessary                 Reflect the details in the student’s diary and counter sign.                 Negative points will be awarded to the respective class for the late comers, keeping electrical fittings on and not locking doors.                 Notify the School HRC and class teacher for the record.                 Confiscate the item, if student is found in possession of banned electronic items and musical instruments and handover to the school HRC with written details of the item as per the Prohibited Item in School policy.                 Inform the parents if deemed necessary.                 Follow up on the improvement.                 Refer to the school counselor if deemed necessary             Repeated offences must be notified to the School HRC and relevant action
must be taken, involving class teacher and parents.

5.4.2        Second Degree                          Written statement is compulsory, countersigned by the class teacher and
                      parents/guardian.                          Parents/ guardian shall be informed in writing or called to the school depending on the severity of offence.                          Reflect the details in the student’s diary and counter sign.                          Detention work not exceeding a week shall be given                          Refer to the school counselor if deemed necessary                          Written warning will be issued with copies to the class teacher, parents and the student notice board.                          Repeated offences of second degree shall warrant third degree penalties upon scrutiny in the HRC meeting.

5.4.3        Third Degree                          Written statement is compulsory, countersigned by the class teacher and parents/guardian.                          Parents/ guardian shall be called to the school to conduct joint investigation.                          Reflect the details in the student’s diary and counter sign.                          Handover the student to the parents for a home correctional period of maximum two weeks. The correctional period will be accounted as absent.                          Student not having 90% attendance will not be allowed to repeat the following year in the same school.                          Refer to the school counselor before handing over to the parents for assigning correctional home work during, and upon returning for assessment.                          Notify the School Management Board members of the case and the action taken by the school HRC                          Repeated third degree offense shall result in termination from the school upon scrutiny in HRC meeting.                          Any cases of criminal nature happened within or outside the school shall fall under the jurisdiction of the police and the court of law and therefore school shall not interfere in the case until the court verdict is out. The student shall be accepted back in school if declared innocent by the court. However, if the student is found guilty and convicted by the court, school shall terminate the student upon the receipt of court verdict with or without transfer certificate. When the case is under trial the student will not attend the school until the court verdict.

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